About Dorothy

I was raised in the Chicago suburbs in a family of intellectual parents. My mother was a math major who worked as a computer (yes, just like the movie). My father, a PhD in Chemistry, worked as a nuclear scientist. But his true love was classical music. When I was 10, he began to devote most of his time to music. He played in various orchestras in the Chicago area, and made oboes and bassoon reeds (on a card table in our house) that were marketed around the world.

I attended concerts, operas, and ballets from an early age. Art was always been part of my life, I would sit and draw as others played music around me. I’ve also always had an interest in other cultures, a curiosity satisfied by reading fiction about various cultures and eating and cooking foods from around the world.

I studied at Illinois State U. and furthered my art studies at The Art Institute of Chicago. Working as a graphic designer, I’ve continued to paint and draw throughout my life. I sketch scenes in nature using pencils and graphite sticks, then translate that in watercolor and oil….sometimes together….back in my studio.

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