About Dorothy

I have always been inspired and informed by nature and its tranquil palette. In my work, I transcend the mundane and feel a connectedness with the world through nature’s healing loveliness. My paintings are an expression of my relationship with nature’s peace, beauty and serenity.

The Arts Have Always Been Part of My Life

I was raised in the Chicago suburbs in a family of highly intelligent people. My mother was a math major who worked as a computer (yes, just like the movie). My father, a PhD in Chemistry, worked as a nuclear scientist. But his true love was classical music. When I was 10, he began to devote most of his time to music. He made oboes and bassoon reeds (on a card table in our house) and played in an orchestra.

Since I attended concerts, operas, and ballets to hear him play, an appreciation of the arts has always been part of my life. I’ve also always had an interest in other cultures, a curiosity satisfied by reading fiction about various cultures and eating and cooking foods from around the world.

The slow food movement fascinates me. Lately I’ve been trying various recipes of rye bread made from my homemade rye sourdough culture.

Professional Background

I studied at Illinois State U. and furthered my art studies at The Art Institute of Chicago. Working as a graphic designer, I’ve continued to paint and draw throughout my life. I sketch scenes in nature using pencils and graphite sticks, then translate that in watercolor and oil….sometimes together….back in my studio.

I am drawn to color relationships and love the color as it moves about the paper, particularly very saturated pigments and their contrast with light soft colors. My paintings contain quite a bit of color, yet they create a calm, serene feeling.

Currently I am painting landscapes and a series called Idle Hands.