Artist’s Statement


As an artist inspired and informed by the tranquil aesthetic of nature, my paintings are an organic extension of its peace and delicate incarnations. I see a healing loveliness in nature’s quiet scenes, in those singular instances of natural serenity. I love the color as it lyrically moves about the paper, particularly the heavily saturated pigments and their contrast with light soft colors. Through painting, I connect with nature, see its beauty and know I am part of it.

Long walks in a park or a woods with nature is calming. I am struck by the sturdy trees and how the foilage dances around them. There is a restorative quality of being among the trees, many of them older than me. There seems to be an exchange of energy, I to them, and them to me. I leave these places refreshed and revisit those feelings while I am painting them.

Water lilies and lotus flowers have captured my interest and imagination since I first saw them. They seem so delicate, but are quite durable. I like how their faces are just above the surface of the water and their roots below. Eastern philosophy sees them as an icon for transcendence: they derive from mud, travel through the water, yet emerge on the surface crystal clear. These flowers are a microcosm of the earth. Land surrounded by water, reflecting the sky.

Idle Hands

My grandmother and her sisters were always busy. Even while relaxing there were useful sewing and crocheting projects to do. Likewise my father hand made oboe and bassoon reeds on a card table. To illuminate the connection to my ancestors, the texture of hand made items are embossed into the ground of my canvas. Then I paint people engaged in a moment. Their hands are being used for gesturing, stability, creativity and discovery. Our hands say so much about who we are: our age, our beliefs, our passions.